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The Wilderness of Manitoba (7/16 - 7/25)
Smoke Fairies (7/29 - 8/16)

Rasputina is heading out on the road this summer and bringing with them The Wilderness of Manitoba and Smoke Fairies!

The Wall Street Journal declares of Rasputina "...[Sister Kinderhook] fits nicely among the best work in today's rich chamber-pop scene-one of the most rewarding streams of contemporary music - and demonstrates how influential Melora Creager and Rasputina have been for rock and pop musicians with a flair for strings."

The Wilderness of Manitoba has been praised by critics for their "heavenly" four-part harmonies and "achingly poignant" lyrics; the buzz for mesmeric Toronto quintet The Wilderness of Manitoba's debut album keeps on building.

The New York Times proclaims "Smoke Fairies rely on intertwining...their two voices move in close harmonies, with timbres blending almost like sisters" while MOJO asserts "This lovely album is reminiscent of early-70s acid folk...heartfelt and sensual...poised and elegant...Smoke Fairies have fashioned a collection of songs that has the subtle charm of an afternoon spent in a meadow at the end of summer."
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Great American Gingerbread

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The Wilderness of Manitoba
When You Left The Fire

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Smoke Fairies
Through Low Light and Trees

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