Pop singer-songwriter Syrena exudes edgy New York City downtown chic. With a mystical aura and artistic assurance, she’s swaggering onto the pop scene with a bold and darkly sensual aesthetic.

“Power and confidence are big themes in my music. Maybe it comes from being a New Yorker, or maybe it comes from performing live since I was 3,” says the Manhattan-based singer. “If you doubt yourself, this city will eat you alive.”

At just 20, Syrena already is a seasoned performer whose pedigree includes being a world-class belly dancer, a fire breather, and a snake charmer. Her pop vision is cinematic and empowering, and is alchemized from her background, informed by her fast-paced East Village upbringing, and her diverse musical tastes. Syrena has “big ears” as they say, and grew up loving a vibrant of patchwork of music, including baroque and romantic era classical music, pop, modern R&B, and metal.

Syrena upholds the lineage of culture-rattling female pop stars who weld bold out-of-the-box creativity that imbues their sound, look, and essence—artists such as Björk, Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush, and Lady Gaga.

Her tracks boast rugged beats, textures that span smooth electronic ambience to industrial harshness, and lyrics that are as sage as they are sensual.  She announces her pop ascension with the smoldering debut single, “Diamonds In My Head,”co-written by NYC based production team GOODECMPNY (David Maurice and New Work).

Despite being a free spirited 20-year-old woman, there is an old-world showbiz sophistication and mystery surrounding Syrena. For one thing, she’s a classic triple threat: a singer, dancer, and an actress. Syrena grew up in the artistically vibrant East Village, New York City, the daughter of a top belly dancer who to this day runs a distinguished belly dancing school. From a very young age Syrena was making her way and supporting herself in a variety of entertainment contexts, including being a fire eater, snake charmer (she currently has her own snake), belly dancer, and doing singing telegrams.

After graduating from prestigious arts magnet La Guardia High, where she matriculated in the institution’s rigorous acting program, she studied briefly at the Manhattan School Of Music. While on a quest to synthesize the various sounds swirling in her head, superstar vocal coach Deric Rosenblatt recommended she work with producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Maurice, who has worked with a wide array of multiplatinum and Grammy Award–winning artists, from Boy George to Jay Z.  She was sold on the idea when she realized David had worked with pop-EDM starlet Kerli, a big influence on Syrena when she was 13.

Effortlessly the duo was able to integrate Syrena’s love of soaring baroque and romantic-era melodies and rich harmonies, the dark angst of metal, the bold innovations and textures of EDM, and 1990s pop into an edgy and elegantly spare sonic fingerprint.

The opening salvo of this partnership is “Diamonds In My Head.” It’s lushly textured with chiming guitars, dreamy ambience, and boasts hip-hop influenced beats, undeniable hooks, and simmering mystical energy. Within the track, Syrena’s lyrics are layered and couched in poetic phrases, clever wordplay, intriguing image contrasts. Her vocals have a dizzying pent-up restraint and ooze spare elegance.

“’Diamonds In My Head’ is about being bold, and having confidence in your own ideas and opinions. What’s inside your head is valuable,” Syrena reveals.

The track’s accompanying sleek and quirky video puts you front and center into Syrena’s world. The vibe is seductive, its trans-like power comes from its stark visual simplicity. The color palette is black and white, but not old fashioned black and white, with a mad dash of red. In the video, Syrena undulates poetically, not making a show of her background in dance, but implying her grace and virtuosity with restraint and a hint of flair. Also throughout the video is a motif of geometric shapes. These represent a portal into Syrena’s mind. “I have found geometry unlocks some profound truths.,” she shares.

Up next, Syrena will issue a clutch of new singles produced by David Maurice, and set out for her pop reign as a vibrant, uncompromising, and individualistic artist. In conclusion, she says: “The biggest lesson I’ve learned, so far, is trust your gut. Be open to new challenges and perspective, but never second guess your instincts.”



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