7 Little Ideas for How to Shake Up Your Socials

It’s pretty easy to get stuck on what to post on your socials, especially if you’re short on time (which…who isn’t these days?) Whether you’re a musician, a small business, a startup, a blog – we’ve put together a few ideas of how to breathe some new life into your online presence to have some fun engaging your existing followers, and pick up some new ones as well.

1) Behind-the-Scenes

Any event deserves some BTS b-roll, so bring a buddy or do it yourself and get some first person point of view footage/shots. In the studio? Doing some press? Prepping for a show or an appearance? This stuff is mighty interesting to your followers who don’t get to do this kind of thing everyday – get creative with how you give your tribe a peek into your life.

2) Tutorials

What do you do better than anyone you know? Give a mini lesson. Cooking? Playing guitar? Mini golf? This can definitely be something that relates to your business but don’t worry about whether it promotes your band or product or service – this can be a fun one that just gives something cool to your followers. Play around and maybe this could become a little series!

3) DIY Twitter Story

If you love an Instagram Story and are looking for a way to amp up your Twitter presence a bit, this one’s for you. Build your own little narrative by posting a photo every hour over the course of a day (or a section of a day). Bonus points if the photos roll out to tell a story so there’s a beginning, middle and end. This is something you can do once a week or so to create expectation for it – you can even challenge your followers to do their own. (This one is recommended for Twitter specifically where post frequency is a good thing. Not so much on Facebook and Instagram, as a general rule)

4) Boomerangs

If you’re not yet using Boomerang – here’s your intro. Yup, this one’s for Instagram but you can always download it to your phone and post it elsewhere. Go nuts.

5) Share the Love

Make sure to pepper in some posts where you shout out to other social media accounts who are doing cool stuff you love. They can be in your industry or not – just make sure to tag them so they know you’re a fan.

6) Takeover

If you’re in a band – why not have one band member take over one or all of your feeds for a day to let fans get to know them better. If you have four members, that’s four days of fun content sorted for you – spread it around or make it a thing. If you’re a business? Turn your socials over to a staff member once a week. Set some parameters if you need and make it a fun way for followers/customers to peek inside the biz.

7) Takeover Part Two

Give the reins to your followers if you dare – you’ll definitely want to set some ground rules here. Encourage them to promote to their peeps that they’ll be at the helm on your socials to further spread the word about what you do. Better yet, do a swap where they take over yours, and you’re on their feeds for a day.

Let us know how you go! Share your stuff so we can get involved:

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