It isn’t news that the music industry as we know it has changed – and, aside from writing and recording great music and having a killer live show,  the single most important factor as to whether or not you are going to succeed as an artist is if you have built yourself an engaged audience.

The problem isn’t that it’s impossible to do this. The problem is that most musicians are never taught how to grow a fanbase themselves, how to take control of their own career.  Now more than ever, it’s so important for musicians to have the tools and the know-how to do this properly in order to be able to focus on making the music and also getting it out there.

With a little fine-tuning, some guidance and support, and a custom-made blueprint to follow, Sneak Attack’s Reboot Program makes sure our clients understand how to streamline their marketing strategy.

Our goal is to set you up to attract and retain real fans who want to follow you, listen to your music and come to your shows, while minimizing the amount of time and money you need to spend to do it.


Sneak Attack Media’s Reboot Program will help you to:

1) Define your brand and social media content strategy

2) Identify your tribe

3) Optimize your marketing strategy


The Reboot Program is customized and tailored to each artist we work with and integrates information that independent artists need to build their audience and their career on their own, including:

• How to optimize your current social media marketing strategy 

• How to get the most out of the digital platforms that are right for you

• What and when to post on social media

• How to do your own PR

• How to crack the code on social media advertising

• Revenue streams

and more…

This is a program that will teach you how to take your career into your own hands and give you
the tools and the roadmap you need to do so.


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